Sympathy is for Sentient Beings

I went and made another shirt

Took some screenshots of my Aurin in Wildstar today~

Snobaer on Mikros


Exhibit 362

Nami [All][33:19]: cho’gath is red

Nami [All][33:31]: maokai is green

Nami [All][33:36]: our kennen is worthless

Nami [All][33:45]: and zero-sixteen

(Thanks to DeadWitness for the quote!)

I can kill you with my mind.

Snobaer on Mikros

"Gentlemen’s Club" in Wildstar

By Twitchi on Mikros


Photographer’s datachron note:  ”Farside, abandoned Eldan facility.  Some questions got answers you slept better without knowing.”

Via Wildstar

Pretty sky in Wildstar~

Snobaer on Mikros

Some pictures of my housing on Wildstar. Spent a lot of time on it and gold. T.T

-Snobaer on Mikros

I call her “Kitty Samus”. Red dye was a bitch to find. Pretty proud of this!

I call it my “Tron” look. =3

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